Tips For Hosting A Great Fundraising Event

You know you need to do some fundraising but are not sure where to start. Here are a few tips to make sure your event goes well.


It is often said that if you fail you plan, you plan to fail. So before you do anything else, get planning.

Think about:

  • What event you are going to do
  • What resources you will need
  • Where you are going to host your event
  • When you are going to hold your event
  • Who you are going to invite to your event
  • Who you can ask to help you with this event
  • How you are going to ensure that this event is profitable

Think also about ways that you can boost sales and increase profits e.g. if you are hosting a coffee morning, in addition to selling cakes perhaps you could put together a recipe book and sell that or have some second-hand books available for sale.


If you are hosting an event that includes food, choose a menu that is going to be popular. It will be much harder to sell tickets to an event that includes food that no one likes.

If you are fundraising for your Overseas Experience why not offer food themed around the country that you are going to visit.

Use fresh, good quality food and try to offer alternatives for people with allergies or food intolerances.


Think about how you are going to promote your event. Do not be shy about letting people know what you are doing, when and where.

If you are on social media use all of your networks to tell people you know about your event. Begin at least six weeks before and remind your contacts at least weekly about your event. Try to use different types of messages, a mixture of photos, videos, slideshows, live events will keep people interested.

Offline, make posters, banners or flyers and ask friends or family to distribute them among their own contacts.

Keep reminding people what you are fundraising for. Tell them about the country you are visiting, the project that you will be helping and the people that will benefit because of your visit.


Be prepared to answer questions about anything you are selling and about where you are going. Know your ‘sales pitch’ inside out and rehearse it before the event.

Use the words help and because… “Please help our cause by… .” or “We are fundraising because we need … .”

Politeness and clear explanations will increase positive answers from potential customers or donors.

Thank You

Don’t forget to thank people for attending/donating. Make it personal wherever you can and let them know how to find out about how your Overseas Experience has gone or how their donations have been spent.