Get Overseas

Part of the 2:52 Challenge is to take part in an Overseas Experience. An Overseas Experience is a trip to part of the world that you wouldn’t usually think about going to.

What happens on an Overseas Experience?

Taking part in an Overseas Experience is a very big deal. You will be travelling to place where the way of life is very different from your own, where people may not speak English and this can take you far out of your comfort zone.

On it, you will be able to put into practice many of the things that you have learned on the 2:52 Challenge.

An Overseas Experience is usually two or three weeks in length. You will take part in some practical aid activities, perhaps painting a community centre, building a house for a teacher or helping at a school or orphanage. You will also take part in some children’s work, perhaps running a children’s club or playing sport at a local school.

You will have the opportunity to experience a local church service and meet the church members of the community that you are visiting.

It is not all work though, we will ensure that you have one or two days rest each week where you are able to relax or visit a local tourist spot.

When can I go on an Overseas Experience?

We recommend that you are over 16 years old when you leave to go on your Overseas Experience. And that you have completed at least level 1 of the 2:52 Challenge.

You will need to raise all of the money for the cost of the trip before you can go. Your group leaders will support you in doing this and we have included workshops on personal finance to help you.

You need to pay a £50 deposit and complete an application form. Then you will need to pay the balance for your trip in good time.

Where will I go on an Overseas Experience?

We plan our overseas experiences through our travel arm, Soapbox Trips. Soapbox Trips has been hosting and taking part in short-term mission trips around the world for over 20 years. They have a wealth of experience gained from supporting hundreds of people on overseas trips.

You can join others on a trip organised by Soapbox, led by an experienced trip leader. Visit their website to see all of the trips that are currently available. 

If your group wants to take part in a private Overseas Experience, just you, we can arrange for you to visit one of our overseas project partners or support you in planning and organising a trip to a project you already have a contact with.

What else do I need to know?

You will need to attend our orientation weekend, usually held at the beginning of July. This weekend will give you an opportunity to get together with your team and learn more about the project (or projects) you will be visiting.

At the orientation weekend you will have time to plan activities for the trip and identify the resources that you will need to take. There will also be workshops to help you think about cultural differences, health and safety and much more.